Core Areas of Work

Control of Leprosy and Tuberculosis: Our Leprosy help centers are extended to the L and M wards while Tuberculosis centers are in the L, M, E, and N wards in Mumbai. We provide free medical treatment in these wards. Our other projects involve free counselling for the families and involving them in our other programmes and aids so that the entire family is benefited in the short and long run.
Education: Our initiative to provide free education has benefited numerous families who couldn’t afford basic education for their children. So far, our sponsorship program covers 300 children divided into 3 educational and tutorial centers. It is our dream to see these children think freely and live their dreams for a better life.
Family Development: We try to penetrate the socioe-conomic development of the families who seek our help. We have a guidance center in MEast Mumbai that helps the underprivileged families 24*7.
Improving Nutrition Level: A healthy mind requires a healthy body. Our emphasis is primarily to get the right nutrition for the children at a certain age. This will boost their immune systems and in-turn lower the risk of becoming carriers of various diseases. Likewise, we have similar programmes for Tuberculosis patients and their families. Tuberculosis patients with low BMI require additional supplementary nutrition to boost their immune system. The building of immunity will help in quick recovery and help to prevent the spread of the disease around them. Our programme is not limited to the patients but extends to their close family also, as immediate family members are more vulnerable to get infected. We aim to eradicate the disease entirely from our focused wards.