Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) is an infectious disease that causes severe, disfiguring skin sores and nerve damage in the arms, legs, and skin areas around the body. In 2020, there were 1,27,558 new cases of leprosy in the world, 56% of which are in India. LSS, through health and education, works for the restitution of the dignity of the most marginalized, especially the leprosy patients. To prevent deformities and handicaps, an early diagnosis is extremely important. We received the mandate from the Mumbai municipality to be responsible for identifying new cases, conducting surveys and awareness campaigns, and establishing laboratories to do the bacteriological test in M and L wards. We use Mobile dermatological clinics that offer medical visits and treatment as well as followups to ensure continuity of treatment in marginalized areas. We also run a small school for children of leprosy patients suffering from stigma and marginalization and often not accepted in many schools.